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Individual Falls Risk Assessments

We support clients, nurses, home carers and families with assessments to help identify risk factors that increase a person’s risk of falls. Our therapists organise an appointment which involves a comprehensive review of the client, including a falls history, physical functional ability, medications and possible psychological risk factors (Fear of Falling).

With knowledge that falls are one of the leading causes of injury to an older adult and subsequent reduced quality of life, we aim to provide best practice interventions to reduce the risk of falls.

Post assessment, an accurate, informative and educational handover to allied healthcare professionals and carers is essential to maximise the effectiveness of the action plans indicated.

Duration: 1-3 hours depending on complexity of the assessment.


  • Multifactorial assessment following best practice guidelines (NICE)
  • Comprehensive report and handover compiled outlining appropriate interventions and actions plans identified
  • Specific falls prevention education plans developed with client/carer/family
  • Maximizes the likelihood of a reduction in falls

Complex People Manual Handling Assessments

Our senior patient handling experts provide support for complex people manual handling cases. They have expertise in bariatric profiles in particular, for bed handling and repositioning. There is a larger number of complex handling cases being observed by our experts in relation to bariatric and dementia care.

Outline: One of our senior experts comes and assesses the complex task you have referred.

Duration: Approx 2 hours


  • Consultant expert support and advice on complex handling tasks
  • Decreased risk of injury for client, carer & family member

Bed, Bedrails and Mattresses prescription

One area that is a source of great expense and importance to clients is the sourcing and prescription of beds and mattresses. Our team have been trained to the highest standard in order to advise you on the correct bed and mattress types appropriate for the diverse and complex nature of client presentations.

In relation to beds, it is imperative to have the correct types of mattress and bed for your comfort. And it is vital for carers and family members to be able to perform manual handling as easily and safely as possible. It is important that you have a bed that can operate at the appropriate height for comfort, to promote independence, for care provision, and transfers.

This principle carries through with mattresses whereby prescribing the correct mattresses is imperative to those clients with previous pressure area breakdowns. In addition, the type of mattress prescribed for a client can determine the ease or lack of ease of positioning and repositioning in the bed.

Outline: We can provide you with expert advice in these areas so that you are buying high quality beds and mattresses appropriate to cater for you regardless of their size, medical conditions or dependency levels.


  • Unbiased expert opinion on appropriate beds/mattresses to purchase ensuring no additional costs down the line. We review a variety of equipment providers and are independent from them, so can offer unbiased advise.
  • Alleviate the possibility of any injury or entrapment for clients
  • Reducing the possibility of pressure sores (in conjunction with best practice manual handling)
  • Reduction in patient handling time
  • Reduction in work related injuries for carers and family members

People Manual Handling Equipment

Our manual handling experts are constantly upskilling with new best practice manual handling techniques using the most effective equipment available to ensure that any form of ‘lifting’ is a thing of the past.

Outline: We provide reports and recommendations and sourcing on equipment such as;

  • Hoists & Standing Aids
  • Slings
  • Sliding sheets inclusive decisions on bed systems such as: Single sheets, Tubular sheets, In bed sheet systems
  • Handling belts
  • Repositioning aids – Bed and Chair
  • Pressure cushions


  • Unbiased expert opinion on appropriate equipment required
  • Training can be provided to maximise the efficiency in the use of equipment
  • Reduction in staffing levels for manual handling
  • Reduction in work related injuries due to the availability and ease of use of appropriate equipment

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We currently process all the charges in USD as our payment gateways are international. conversion rate is government approved rate 1.00 USD = 15.42 MVR.

GST is included in the prices.

Cancellation Policy

If a customer intends to cancel or get refund for a transaction, HE/SHE may cancel their plan from their profile and request for refund, to process refund may take up to 7-14 working days. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our products are service based products which is provided by professionally skilled members of our TEAM.

 We provide basic and relevant trainings to our TEAM members

To assure professional services, we always keep our clients HAPPY :)

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